The Presbytery exists for the purpose of being an agent in and an enabler of the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ on behalf of the concerns and needs of those who live within its bounds. The Presbytery holds and reaffirms, within the context of its commitment to the Church universal, a special commitment to the basic principle of Presbyterian polity (Book of Order F-3.00) and that the nature of Presbyterian order is such that it shares power and responsibility.
(Book of Order F-3.0203)

Presbytery Assembly Meeting
Big Conversation #2

Thursday September 22, 2022, 6:15 p.m.

(Please "arrive" by 6:05 p.m.

This will be a Zoom meeting.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom meetings, Please read this Virtual Meeting Guide.

You may also watch this video Zoom Tutorial 2022.


Please fill in the requested information by Saturday, September 17.

It is very important that we know who will be attending and how they will “join” the meeting (by computer with the Zoom app, or by telephone). This includes:

You may fill in the registration information on behalf of others in your church.


Meeting Materials

The materials you'll need to participate in the "Big Conversation" and the Zoom link information will be sent via the indicated method of delivery to those who register by Saturday September 17, 2022. Please note that only those who register will receive the meeting participant materials.

2022 Presbytery Assembly Meeting Minutes

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2022-03-19 Minutes

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2018 Presbytery Assembly Meeting Minutes

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Basic Parliamentary Procedures and Book of Order
You may download the Basic Parliamentary Procedures and the Book of Order 2019-2023 in pdf format.




Receiving communion at a Presbytery Assembly Meeting
Sharing communion during a Presbytery Assembly Meeting at Taylorville, First.




Minutes of a 1883 Presbytery Assembly Meeting
The minutes of an 1883 meeting of the Cairo Presbytery, one of our predecessor presbyteries
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